Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Starting out

My ideas for this project have been very loose and vague so far. After today's class I thought of doing my video on something a bit more related to time. I am very interesting in showing my view of the passage of time. I orginally wanted to tape a full 24 hours, non-stop and then condense it into a 2 minutes movie. However there are some problems doing that. The battery life, and the length of a tape were big issues when trying to tape for 24 consecutive hours. Instead, over the course of 24 hours I will be taping about a 2 hour segment of tape and condense it into 2 minutes. I will be enlistign the help of my two good friends Corey and Kim to help me capture this video. In this short clip, it shows a preview of what my opening will most likely look like.

I have never edited a video by myself, and I am not sure at what angles i want to shoot it at. I have a feeling that most of the angles will be spur of the moment. It's going to be difficult trying to get the right shot and trying to get all done while other people are around and things are getting very busy and crowded. Hopefully it works.....

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