Thursday, November 29, 2007

FIliming And Editing

Okay, so the filming was a little more difficult that I had originally thought it would be but it worked out in the end with the help of my two good friends, Corey Ling and Kimi Gowan. I didn't get all the shots I wanted and unfortunately i was unable to stay up the entire night video taping but i got close. I was up until 2:30ish in the morning. Also figuring out how to use the camera was a bit tough for me. Luckily my friend was able to help me and did an awesome job in filming most of it for me.
Editing took the longest time. At first I managed to put all the film onto the computer within 2 hours. I then realised that I can only take a certain amount of frames per second and then proceeded to delete everything I had uploaded and continued to upload at 200 frames per second. After that I started to notice that it wasn't what I was exactly looking for. So I ended up uploading everything at the normal speed again. Afterwards it took me almost two weeks to get back into the lab to finish the editing process. Over the course of two days, Nov 27 & 28th.
Unfortunately the computer kept freezing up on me and I had to reorganize all my clips every time. Over a couple of hours however, the final project was finished. Right now I am having the hardest time uploading my video to YouTube, so I am planning on burning it to a DVD.

Friday, November 9, 2007

shooting the video

I have reserved a video camera for Mon Nov 12 to Wed Nov 14, so I will start shooting at 10am when i pick up the camera on Monday and i will stop filming at 10am on Tuesday. Afterwards I will spend most of tuesday and wednesday organizing what I want to put where and then finish editing the following week.
Here is a little overview of what I plan to film on monday/tuesday:
10am - Monday
- leaving St. Patrick's building
- walking to Greek
- part of lecture
- clock
- end of lecture
- leaving
- dorm
- lunch line
- getting food
- sitting down
- getting up
- putting tray away
- leaving
- dorm

- going to class
- begining lecture
- clock
- ending lecture
- walking back to res
- dorm
- dinner (similar to lunch)
- dorm
- rugby
- dorm
- class
- clock
- other class
- back to dorm
- friends
- sleeping shots
- clock
- sleeping shots
- waking up
- clock
- ready for class
- travelling
- clock
- end
10am - Tuesday

This is all of course subject to change. This is just a brief look at what is going to happen within a 2 minute film. I am still unsure what kind of music i will put in or what sort of effects or sounds there will be.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Starting out

My ideas for this project have been very loose and vague so far. After today's class I thought of doing my video on something a bit more related to time. I am very interesting in showing my view of the passage of time. I orginally wanted to tape a full 24 hours, non-stop and then condense it into a 2 minutes movie. However there are some problems doing that. The battery life, and the length of a tape were big issues when trying to tape for 24 consecutive hours. Instead, over the course of 24 hours I will be taping about a 2 hour segment of tape and condense it into 2 minutes. I will be enlistign the help of my two good friends Corey and Kim to help me capture this video. In this short clip, it shows a preview of what my opening will most likely look like.

I have never edited a video by myself, and I am not sure at what angles i want to shoot it at. I have a feeling that most of the angles will be spur of the moment. It's going to be difficult trying to get the right shot and trying to get all done while other people are around and things are getting very busy and crowded. Hopefully it works.....